First update about NHM 2014

This year, the Nordic Harp Meeting will be held from October 23-26, 2014 in Gjøvik (Norway). It will be organised by Stein Villa, Marit Steinsrud and Gjøvik spelmannslag.

We start on Thursday, 23 October, at 4 p.m. and end with the Sunday lunch, cca 1 p.m.
All meals will be served at the hostel of Gjøvik which is situated within walking distance from the venue.
We will update this website soon with more details about the participation fee etc.

Musicians who will be teaching, performing, or both: Bára Grímsdóttir (Iceland) & Chris Foster (England/Iceland), Erik Ask-Upmark (Sweden), Niss Stricker (Denmark), Helena Wright (Finland/Norway), Tone Holte (Norway) & Rolf Agaton (Sweden), Nancy Thym (California/Germany) & Thilo Viehrig (Germany), Tim Rohrmann (Germany) and of course Stein Villa and Marit Steinsrud (both Norway).
Further names might be updated here soon, so stay tuned…

Thank you all!

One week has already passed since the glorious Nordic Harp Meeting 2013 happened in Järna, and the chief organiser Erik Ask-Upmark has hopefully regenerated by now. A big THANK YOU to Erik and all who were there, the contributors and participants! Let’s hope that all of you returned home full of inspiration, new tunes, new musical ideas and the aftertaste of surströmming.
If you happen to have some nice photographs from the NHM and would like to share them in the NHM gallery, please email them to the following address:Stay tuned!

Late registration is open

The “early bird” registration deadline has expired, and all available mattresses have been reserved to those who have registered to the Nordic Harp Meeting 2013 so far.
It is still possible to make a late registration (costs: 700 SEK, food included). Note that no accomodation is included, so if you need a bed, you have to book yourself a hostel or make friends with the natives.

Single day tickets will be available at the entrance (no food nor accomodation included), for any visitors who do not want to stay the whole weekend. Click here for details.


Further workshop descriptions added

Details about further workshops and lectures have been uploaded in the programme of the NHM 2013. You can read more by clicking the following links:
- Anouk Platenkamp (Netherlands): Harp therapy (workshop)
- Bo Lawergren (Sweden/USA): Earliest harps of Eurasia (lecture)
- Lise Enochsson (Sweden): Mind your spine – physiotherapy for harpists
- Mark Harmer (England): Improvisation and composition (workshop)
- Tomoko Sugawara (Japan/USA): Earliest harps of Eurasia (concert)

Some workshop descriptions added

A more detailed schedule has been uploaded in the programme of the NHM 2013.
You can read more details about some workshops and lectures by clicking the following links:
- FUNI (Iceland): Icelandic songs  (workshop for voices, but instruments are welcome too)
- Kirsten Holm (Denmark/Sweden): 5-string kantele instruments and the Finnskogen
- Tristan LeGovic (Brittany/Sweden): Breton music for modern Celtic harp (intermediate to advanced level workshop)
- Vincent Michaud (Brittany/Finland): Relationship between dance and music through the medium of gavotte bigoudenn (part 1: dance workshop; part 2: music, taught in ancient style on the wire-strung harp but open for all other instruments)

You can also read an interview (in Swedish) with Mikuláš Bryan (Bohemia) about recent European Bal Folk Dances which he will be teaching at the NHM together with Thomas Claus (Belgium).
Parts of this interview have recently been published in Hembygden 3/2013.


Glada nyheter för alla som gillar fika – glad news for all who enjoy “collective coffee together with cakes in a friendly atmosphere of smalltalk” (note how many English words are necessary to express the meaning of the simple Swedish word “fika”…):

Erik announces that pupils of the Solvik school (who will be hosting the Nordic Harp Meeting 2013 at Järna) will run a café on Friday and Saturday, infusing us with the necessary caffeine to keep us awake during sessions and concerts. Rejoice!

The registration is open

If you want to make sure to get food and accomodation, you should register in advance.  Click here for registration.
Primitive accomodation on the floor is included if you bring your own sleeping bag and are among the first 50 who register. (There is a limited number of 50 mattresses in the venue – first registers, first serves.) no longer available.

Single day tickets will be available at the entrance, but these won’t include food.