Lots of music, lots of fun…

Big thanks to all participants who came to Gjøvik, and to Gjøvik Spelmannslag for making it possible. I hope we will meet again!

Some quotes from participants:

“The Nordic Harp Meeting in Gjøvik was full-on, high-quality, learning-and-exchanging fun!” (Andy Lowings)

“Despite a 9 hour drive I returned bubbling with inspiration and energy! Already looking forward to next year in Turku!” (Maria Ojantakanen)

Workshop descriptions added

Click here for an updated list of workshops, lectures, storytelling, and performing musicians 2014

The website has been updated with following workshop descriptions:
- Niss Stricker (Denmark): Danish ballads and dance tunes
- Andy Lowings (England): Lyre music, African style
- Minna Raskinen (Finland): Damping style in small kantele playing
- Erik Ask-Upmark (Sweden): Swedish folk tunes
- Yrjänä and Helka Ermala (Finland): Finnish folk songs
- Václava van der Meijs (Czech Republic): Bohemian songs and Moravian songs
- Bára Grímsdóttir (Iceland) & Chris Foster (England/Iceland): Icelandic songs (focus on tvísöng) and instruments (Langspil and fiðla)
- Stefan Battige (Germany): Harp for beginners
- Nancy Thym (California/Germany): Strung out on metal, gut and nylon – pros and cons of different string materials (lecture)
- Nancy Thym (California/Germany): Blues and Rock ‘n Roll Riffs for harps (workshop)
- Tim Rohrmann (Germany): How to make harp music out of a simple melody
- Patrik Weckman (Finland): jouhikko, the Finnish bowed lyre: History and tunes