Mikuláš Bryan

Foto: Barka Fabiánová

Mikuláš Bryan.           Foto: Barka Fabiánová

Mikuláš Bryan is musician, dancer and dance researcher from Prague, specialised on European folk dances and historical dances.

He plays a number of instruments, including mandolin and Renaissance cittern, but also accordion and, most recently, the kobza (Czech version of the instrument known in Scandinavia as hummel / langeleik / langeleg / langharpe / langspil ).

With his dance association “Rond“, he often organises various dance events and workshops in Prague, be it “bal folk” (French style), “fest noz” (Breton style), “early dance” between 1450-1890 (following original sources), blues, swing or other stuff. At the NHM 2012 and 2013, he was teaching “round and chain folk dances and their Renaissance ancestors” and “the most common bal folk dances” to harp music played by Josef.

Click here to read an interview (in Swedish) with Mikuláš about the European bal folk movement. Parts of that interview have been published in Hembygden 3/2013.

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