Henrik “Hummel” & Monica Schön: Swedish medieval ballads


Henrik “Hummel” Schön at the NHM 2013 in Järna, Sweden. (Foto Erik Ask-Upmark)

Henrik “Hummel” Schön is one of the very few Swedes who play the hummel, the Swedish relative of the Norwegian langeleik and Icelandic langspil. He has demonstrated this instrument on some previous Nordic Harp Meetings.

Monica Schön knows lots of folk songs and ballads and was singing some of them at late night sessions on previous Nordic Harp Meetings.

At the Nordic Harp Meeting 2015 in Turku, Finland, they were together teaching Swedish medieval ballads in the “medieval way”, i.e. not from sheet music but aurally, singing and dancing at the same time.

Henrik wrote: “We teach the traditional dance as it is still practised on the Faroe Islands[*], and compare common ballad themes from several countries.”

[* More information in Danish: Opielka 2009: Færøerne og den færøske dans – en rejse gennem tiden. in: Webbantologin från balladmötet i Växjö. Universität Växjö 2009.]

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